Sky TV in Spain

Sky TV in Spain

I already have a UK Sky box, will this work in Spain?

Yes, almost all modern day Sky boxes from the UK work fine in Spain. Our satellite engineer will carry out a series of tests on your equipment to confirm if it is working before starting an installation. Keep in mind, although we offer a full 12 months warranty for all work carried out by us, we are unable to offer a warranty of any kind on equipment we did not supply. Also please note that the dish you had in Britain is far too small to be of any use here, so a new, larger satellite dish will be needed in Spain and regional variations here can determine just how big a dish will be required. Which is where Camposats 20 years of experience in the field comes to your aide.

I don't have a Sky box or Satellite Dish, are you able to provide all the equipment necessary for me to watch Sky TV in Spain?

Yes of course, our satellite engineers carry all the equipment necessary to get you up and running, which includes all types of Sky boxes and the Dishes required.

What Sky TV channels will I receive in Spain?

If you still maintain an active account with Sky, you can expect to receive all the Sky TV channels, the same as you had back in the UK.

Will I be able to pause and record Sky TV in Spain?

In order to pause and record Sky TV (Sky+,HD+) you will need to have a Satellite dish installation that supports this particular feature, this is because the dish must be able to receive two signals, one to stream live TV and the other to feed your recorder.

Do I still need to pay Sky a monthly fee to view Sky TV in Spain?

You only need an active Sky TV subscription if you want to watch the subsciption channels such as Sky Movies, Sky Sports, Documentaries, etc and the recording facities of Sky+/HD+. If you do not have an active Sky subscription you can still expect to receive all free to view channels, including the British digital channels such as BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, CH5, etc.

What type of reception can I expect from my Sky TV in Spain?

Depending on your location and equipment you can expect an excellent reception of all major Sky TV in Spain. Although please keep in mind that all satellite signals experience issues during bad weather such as tropical storms and we have been known to have a few of them here in Spain.

How long will it take to install Sky TV at my villa?

Our skilled satellite engineers can usually complete your installation in a matter of hours providing they have access to all areas necessary to complete the installation.

I am renting a property, do I need permission from my landlord to install Sky TV?

Yes, we would always advise you to ask for permission before installing Sky TV as this does require installation of a large Satellite dish, used to receive the Sky TV signal. Most landlords are more than happy to let you do this, but they might ask that the dish is placed in a discreet location. Also in the case of apartment blocks and small estates, permission must be sourced from the community administrations representative. If this is the case, please mention this to our Satellite engineer before installation commences, because we are also experienced in dealing with the legal aspects of this and we speak the language fluently.

What happens if my Sky TV stops working?

We have been in business here for over 20 years and survived multiple recessions because we value our Customers and they, in return, value our care and attention to their needs. We provide all our customer with free telephone support 24 hours, 7 days a week and give a full 12 month warranty with all of our Sky installations.

I've had Sky TV installed by another company but its no longer working and they are not returning my calls?

Unfortunately, this is something we hear more and more of these days. This usually comes down to two reasons, firstly being that this other company is no longer in business or the most common reason being that they had to change their number to avoid all the other customers that they leave in a similar situation, due to their inferior workmanship. Our engineers are very experienced at putting a bad job right.

Of course we are happy to help you to get your system up and running again but it's important to understand that we can not offer a warranty for equipment provided by another company. Our skilled satellite engineers will first test your equipment to ensure its working and then carry out the work necessary to resolve the issue.

Please note: Our engineers will not be able to liaise with your previous installers, on your behalf, but when needed, can usually find avenues to communicate with the suppliers of the equipment and cards used by them.