Sky Sports in Spain

Sky Sports in Spain

Is it possible to get Sky Sports in Spain?

In Spain we can watch all the Sky channels, and of course this includes all the Sky Sports channels as well.

I run a bar in Spain, how much would it cost to install Sky Sports?

¨How long is a piece of string?¨ comes to mind here. Every bar and it´s customers are all different, and because of this every installation in a bar has a different price to it. So the first thing you do is speak to one of our engineers who will advise you on the possible systems that will work best in your bar and of course the costs for such work.

Would you recommend Sky Sports for showing football in a bar

Not on it´s own, because the football coverage by Sky is quite basic compared to several other rival satellite companies in Europe, which when you combine some of these other systems with a Sky system you will actually have the ability to be able to show every single match from every European league, as well as all the inter-league cup competitions. That´s a hell of a lot of footy....There is also some coverage of other sports included in some of these systems, as well as football.

Do you also install and maintain these other systems?

Yes we do. At the beginning of every football season, there is always something new on the the market for us to look at, and we have to keep up with all these new things so that we can find you, the bar owners, more ways to keep your customers happy, and a happy customer means a happy business, so making you happy makes us happy.