Freesat TV in Spain

Freesat TV in Spain

What channels can I get with Freesat in Spain?

Freesat was created as an extra to compliment the new Digital Freeview system that appeared in Britain with the famous `digital changeover´ that´s been happening in the UK since 2008. This had to be developed due to areas in Britain that couldn´t receive any signals by the normal television aerial, so transmission by satellite was the only way to overcome this and reach a wider audience, which happens to include the rest of Europe. The channels are therefore almost the same as Freeview TV, but with a couple of exceptions, which due to the use of the same satellite as Sky TV they won´t allow transmision of any of their channels through the Freesat system.

I already have a Freeview box from the UK, will that work in Spain?

The answer to this being YES and NO...This type of equipment, whether internal or external to the television, is only designed to receive the signal by the normal TV aerial, which in turn is only able to collect locally transmitted signals, which here in Spain are all Spanish digital tv channels, not English channels. But Freesat covers that for us instead, using a Freesat box designed for the reception of satellite transmissions.

How much will it cost to install Freesat at my Villa?

This is when you give us a call and we ask you a few simple questions, so that we can then tailor you a fixed price quotation based on your own personal installation.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to receive Freesat in Spain?

NO, because, as it says on the tin, Freesat is free and there are no cards, contracts nor bank accounts involved.

So what can I watch on Spanish Freeview (TDT) and do I need a TV licence like in Britain?

Spain has also, similar to the UK, gone Digital, known here as TDT. This gives quite a large selection of channels, more than there are on British Freeview. There are many nationally broadcasted, general interest, stations, some local channels and quite a few subject based channels, such as documentaries, sport, music and childrens plus many of the programs transmitted offer a change of audio to the origional production languages, usually English. And because all these channels are self financing, through advertising, there isn´t and never will be any form of licence fee imposed in Spain, so free in Spanish really means free...This also means that any reception of satellite signals which are free, stay free, including British television.

Will you install Freesat equipment I have purchased from elsewhere?

YES, OF COURSE WE WOULD, although we would have to check the system out for you to ensure it will work to your satisfaction, and we can´t give you any of our usual warranty coverage as we do with equipment supplied by ourselves.