English TV in Spain

English TV in Spain

Is it possible to get English TV in Spain?

Yes, there are a number of ways you can view UK TV in Spain, either by Freesat or a Sky TV system however these types of systems require a large Satellite dish in order to pick up the signal. Our skilled satellite engineers carry all the equipment necessary to get you up and running with all your English channels.

Will the changeover to Digital in Britain affect our Televisions here in Spain?

Not in the least. Why not? I hear you saying. Because here you are watching your English television channels by transmission through satellite which actually converted to the Digital format over 10 years ago. What is actually changing in Britain is the reception of tv through the normal television aerial, now called Freeview. Which also has recently happened here in Spain with the Spanish TV system by aerial, now called TDT ( Terrestrial Digital Television ).

What English TV channels will I receive in Spain?

If you have a Freesat system (free to view/Freeview) you will have access to all the major Freeview channels from the UK such as BBC, ITV, Ch 4, Channel 5, etc, plus quite a few more free to view channels. However if you have a SKY subscription package you will receive additional channels such as Sky Sports, Sky Premier Movies, Discovery, MTV, Gold, Dave, Disney Channel, etc plus the usual Freeview channels all as part of your monthly subscription.

Is it best to use Sky or Freesat to view English TV in Spain?

It depends on a number of factors such as the channels you would like to watch and also your wallet. If you are on a tight budget we would advise you to go with a Freesat system, if you find yourself missing the Sports, Movies, Documentaries, Sky One, Cartoons etc, we recommend you have the Sky system and contract the package best suited to your budget. The packages can always be upgraded or downgraded at any time in the future.

Is there a time difference from when an English TV program starts in the UK to when I can watch it in Spain?

This might sound like a stupid question but you’d be surprised how often we are asked it. No, there is no difference in time, if a show starts at 8pm in the UK it will start at 9pm in Spain but you’re effectively viewing the show at the exact same time. Just a bit of advise, always keep this time difference in mind when programing the timer on your video, yet this doesn´t have any effect on how the Sky+ type HDD recording systems works